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Confirmands Statements of Faith

Erin Durukan’s Statement of Faith

A quote from the second verse of the hymn: “Now in the Days of Youth” which is our third hymn today: “Teach us to use our lives with purpose and with power, for visions of a better world and for decision’s hour; to choose the way of life, reject the way of death, until the radiant force of God, fills mind and strength and breath.” Written by Walter J. Mathams and adapted by Silvia G. Dunstan.

I see God in people. When people are joyful, God is smiling. When we are not, God isn’t either. I see human Jesus in everyday acts of kindness and bravery. As for the Holy Spirit, it is how I feel God’s presence. I se them all in the church. The church is like a family. It will help you and teach you as much as it can, so you can make your own decisions. This church is no dif-ferent. But why am I choosing it? I just like the people! And I can’t wait to be a member of this church.

Carolina Barnard’s Statement of Faith

Bob and I were joking around, and talking about “Tony the Tiger”, the tiger from “Frosted Flakes”- so we said if he talked about God, he would say “He’s GREAT!!!” And he is!!!

I believe that God is the Creator, and I see God in the light of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and all things around me.

I believe that Jesus is our Savior and the Son of God, sent to give us a new beginning and to cleanse our sins. Jesus’ picture has always meant some-thing to me; it bring memories of my first experience with God. When I was 3, I first saw a picture of Jesus in my Aunt’s house; I didn’t know who he was, but I knew he was important to my Aunt, and I wanted to know more!. My Dad taught me a lot about Jesus. The Cross, His hands, the candles, Pas-tor Laurie, that one painting of Jesus are the symbols that mean the most to me.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is like “God’s Heart”, and inspires me to go out and make things better.

I love St. Peters because it is MY church, I grew up here. The message here makes me feel awesome, I feel that the Sermons relate to me; the message says something to me. Like Bob says, “It hits the nail on the head”. The an-thems mean so much to me, and I like to participate in many ways: in the choir, as liturgist and acolyte, Crop Walk.

I read a book: “Heaven is for Real”. It’s a book about a little boy dying, go-ing to Heaven, and coming back. It really changed my view on everything. In one chapter, the little boy said he prayed for his Dad in Heaven. He de-scribed the throne room of God: Jesus sat on God’s right, the angel Gabriel sat on the left. The little boy sat next to the Holy Spirit. He described the Holy Spirit as “bluish”. Reading this book, particularly that chapter, has changed and strengthened my faith.

Psalm 1, verse 3 is my favorite verse. It says that good people (Christians?):

“They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they prosper.”

Sam Schultz’s Statement of Faith

My parents and my brother Nick brought me to St. Peter’s. And this church made me who I am and so did my parents and family. God guides me through the day. I came to know Jesus through my Sunday School class and teacher. The symbol that represents this church is the cross. Because that is the religion I believe in.

When I go to church, it prepares me for the week. And also fundraising helps people out. And God makes my decisions. And last, I want to be in the church because the people are about you. And they pray for you. And these people are the most kind people I ever met. This is why I want to be in this church.

Roy Yoos’s Statement of Faith

God is the Creator of our planet and evolution of life because I don’t believe in like “poof”, there is the sun, etc.. For example, lets’ take the Marine igua-na, it’s ancestor was something like a green iguana and the green iguana was blown out to sea in a freak storm. It then didn’t just magically transform into the Marine iguana. . .it took thousands of years, maybe even millions to get to the animal we know as the Marine Iguana. This shows that creation is very complex and doesn’t magically appear in an instant. God is the Master Builder.

Jesus is the harbinger of the Lord’s sayings bringing the news to people to believe in the ways of God. Commandments would be a good example of God’s sayings and/or news. Jesus came to tell the people the two most im-portant commandments: Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as you love yourself. So in other words, Jesus and I are similar in how we talk about the things we talk about. The difference is I like to talk about dinosaurs, bringing them to life, while Jesus liked to talk about God’s Word, and brought that to life for everyone.

The Holy Spirit give us our favorite things to see an talk about. She al-so give us our “power” if you were to call it, which is our strong beliefs. For example, She inspired Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech which impacted me and the way I think about other people’s opinions on different things.

The Trinity, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, makes me think of the phrase, “E Pluribus Unum”, which means, “Out of many, One”.

The Church is the messenger and God’s love is the message. The church gives everyone the Word of God which is something we all need. The church teaches us to love one another unconditionally. The church is family. The church teaches me things I never knew before. The church ac-cepts me. I feel safe and secure here. I want to belong to the church so that I don’t feel like an outcast. Like Esmeralda sings in the “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”: “God Help the Outcast, the poor and downtrod. I thought we all were the Children of God”. Here I am taught that I truly am a child of God and I am happy to become a member of His family here at St. Peter’s.

This is where my grandparents have been for years. I want to contin-ue that tradition. I enjoy coming here each week. I grew up taking part in Sunday school here. I sing in the Choir. I plan to continue to be a member of the choir for as long as possible. Confirmation, to me, means that I am confirming my desire to become a member of a family of believers and join the church—a group of people who share the same beliefs about God and faith and love.

This leads me to think of the dumb Barney song, which today doesn’t seem so dumb. You know, Barney the Dinosaur? The goofy Purple guy? He sings “I love you, You love me, we’re a happy family”. . .there is more, but that’s the important message.

Summer Theatre Camp Information

Summer Theatre Camp Dates Have Been Set.

The camp hours will be 9:00 am—3:30 pm for all camps.

Fees listed are for the first child discounts are provided for 2nd & 3rd child in same family.

  • Storybook Theatre Camp: June 9th-20th / Camp Leader Jodi Prosser-Muller / Camp Fee: $240.00
  • Puppet Camp: July 7th-11th / Camp Leader Anne Newman from Paxton / Camp Fee: $130.00
  • A Taste of the Arts: July 14th-18th / Camp Leaders Various / Camp Fee: $130.00
  • Mulan Musical: July 28th—August 15th / Camp Leader Jodie Prosser-Mueller / Camp Fee: $350.00

Forms for these camps will be available soon. If you would like to get your name on a list for any of the camps please contact Jodi Prosser-Mueller at 621-9635 or Josie at the church office at 356-3635.

You may also email us at:

Birthdays / Anniversaries

May Birthdays

  • 6 Mary Casey
  • 6 Steven Malloch
  • 7 Judith Maloney
  • 8 Grace Woller
  • 16 Tucker Zahnd
  • 23 Eloise Heller
  • 24 Amanda Forgue
  • 25 Gary Hollen
  • 25 Kim Brown
  • 25 Chris Holman
  • 26 Sandra Williams
  • 27 Linda McCarthy
  • 29 Bernice Benn

May Anniversaries

  • 20 Alfred & Rhonda Shoudel
  • 21 Mark & Sandra Williams
  • 24 James & Doris Hershbarger

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