Our Members in Uniform

To those who Served in the Military

This page is dedicated to the men and women of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ who served their country either during war time or through years of service. We thank them for their dedication, sacrifice, and service to our country, keeping us safe and giving us the freedom that we have today

Civil War

Jacob Ebert Company A, 154th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
John Frey, Jr. Company B, 76th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Christian Grein Company A, 20th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Lewis Vogel Chief Bugler, 2nd Illinois Volunteer Cavalry

World War I

Albert A. Bialeschki Army
 Elmer William Demlow Army
 Walter Demlow Army
 Wilhelm Ernest Finder Army
 Carl Hurst Army
 Newton Krabbe** Army Air Corps
 Frank Lemke Navy
 Clarence Lingreen Army
 Carl Luther Army
 John G. (Johann Gottfried) Mengel Army
 Howard Charles Nofftz Army
 Edward Reinke Army
 Ludwig Louis C. Schaede Army (Engineer Corps)
 August William Carl Wascher Army
 Louis Wascher Army

World War II

Kenneth L. Baumann Army
William “Bud” A. Beck** Navy
Clarence H. Berbaum Army
Wilfred K. Berbaum Army Medical Corps
Ralph W. Bonnell Army
Roy G. Colson Army Air Corps
Charles R. Gerdes Army
Owen Gilbert Army
Charles “Ed” Hamrick** Navy
Robert “Bob” B. Heller Army Air Corps
Paul Hemp Army Air Corps
Karl E. Honn Army
Newton Krabbe** Air Force & Air Force Reserves
Robert H. Lewis Army
Clayborn Lofton** Army Infantry
Charles A. Luer Army Medical Corps
Arthur E. Moenkhaus Air Force
Robert “Bob” Mueller Army Medical Corps
H. F. “Henry” Mueller Army
Richard C. Mueller Army
Edmund “Ed” Pelg Army Air Corp
William “Bill” Norman Records Army
Al Reinke Army
Ed Reinke Army
Earl William Riggins Marine Corps
Richard Eugene Riggins Army
Paul E. Schaede Navy
Lou Schaede Army
Edward Herman Schlorff Army
William J. Schlorff Army
Richard Schultz Army Air Corps
Richard Ray Stouffer Army Air Corps/Air Force
William Tesman* January 29, 1945
Paul Wieburg Coast Guard
Dale A. Yeazel* June 22, 1944 Army

Korean War

William “Bud” A. Beck** Navy
Calvin Bernard Casey, Jr. Army
Charles “Ed” Hamrick** Navy
William “Bill” Henderson Army
Harry Eldon Kobel Navy
Clayborn Lofton** Army Infantry
Howard Rhodes Army
Carl Anthony Woller

Vietnam War

Denton Brown Army
James F. Garber III Air Medal – Air Force Service
Lee F. Smith Army
Robert Paul Riggins* April 22, 1968 Air Force

Iraq War

Robert “Robbie” Trotter** Air Force

Afghanistan War

Nicole  L. Shoudel Buschmann Army Nurse
Jeffrey Buschmann Navy
Robert “Robbie” Trotter** Air Force

Branch of Service

Jim Acheson Navy
Kenneth Walter Adams Air Force
Harold S. Bell Air Force
Kenneth G. Bell Air Force
Omer Benn Navy
Roy Block Air Force
Bruce E. Bostwick Army National Guard
Matthew Brown Army
John “Jack” L. Buckner Army
Fred W. Budinger Air Force
Charles T. Busch Navy
J. G. John Busch Navy
John R. Busch Navy
Tom Busch
George Paul Busekros
George E. Carter Army
David Alan Casteel Navy
Edward Thomas Casteel
George Crawford Navy
Carl Crusius Army
David Warren Drake Army
Ernest “Ernie” E. Drake Air Force
Lee Charles Eichhorst National Guard
Kenneth Feldkamp Army
Julius Fiebig Army
Charles Fredrick Army
James F. Garber III Army
Philip S. Gilbert Air Force
C. Frances Gilliland Army
Clyde F. Gilliland Army
Kevin Harper Army
Jack Harroun Army
Orin Thomas “Tom” Hatton Navy Ceremonial Band
James M. Heimburger Army
Michael F. Helbling Navy
Gerald “Jerry” Hoffman Air Force
Art C. Holder Navy
Bruce Kelso Culver Military Academy
Bruce Kelson Army – Wentworth Military Academy
Edward F. Kobel Air Force & Air Force Reserves
Karl K. Kobel Air Force
Richard Krahling Army
Bill Limp Army
George Malloch Navy
Rick Malloch Army National Guard
Charles Martin Army
Lindley O. Martin
Gerry Morris Army
R. A. Myles
Marshall Ninmer Air Force
Robert C. Nofftz Army
William Michael “Bill” O’Neill Navy, Naval Construction Forces, Naval Reserves
Christopher Scott Ohland Air Force
Roger Pointer Army
Col Carl Prestin of Biloxi, MS buried at East Lawn on 7/30 (8/2/76)
Lester Rabe Air Force
Dean Rayburn Air Force
George L. Reese
Melvin Reifsteck Army – 115th Medical regiment
Fred Riechman
Ron Schaede Army/National Guard???
William B. “Billy” Schowengerdt Army  – Wentworth Military Academy
Edward E. Scott Air Force
George E. Seele
Wesley Seitz Air Force
Clifford G. Shirley Army Air Corps
William A. Shroyer Army
Ferrell E. Strack Army
Udell V. Strack Army
Dale T. Stevens Army
Harry Ewing “Cube” Wachter Army Medical Corps
Edward Ervin Wascher Army Air Corps
Robert “Ken” K. Watson
Mace Jerome West Naval Reserve
James Ray Williams Navy
Mark Williams Air Force
Larry Woller Marine Corps
Stuart Yoos Coast Guard
Charles S. “Charlie” Zahnd Army Air Corps
Donald Ziebell Navy
Eugene L. Ziegler Air Force
Ralph F. Ziegler Air Force

* Indicates Killed in Action
** Served in two different wars

We apologize if any past or present church members were accidentally left out and would like for you to contact us to rectify the error.

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