Wedding Policy

The sanctuary of St. Peter’s is a sacred and wonderful place to celebrate your special day. St. Peter’s considers weddings as a rite of Christian worship, thanking God for the love created and celebrated between two people. All of the plans for the ceremonies must be approved by the minister and be in keeping with the theology of the church, that God is the ultimate audience of all worship. Weddings held at St. Peter’s UCC are scheduled at the discretion of the minister. It is the policy of St. Peter’s that no other minister will perform religious ceremonies in the church without the consent of the minister and the Consistory. Upon completion of this form please return it to the Church Office. Thank you for choosing St. Peter’s United Church of Christ.

Please consider the following when choosing and/or using our space and services:

  • Please respect all church property and the sanctity of worship.
  • Removal or any movement of the cross on the communion table is not permitted.
  • Flowers or other adornments may not cover or restrict the centrality of the cross.
  • Our sanctuary will seat about 300 people comfortably; 350 using the balcony and chancel pews. The sanctuary has 20 pews on each side of the main aisle.
  • Please remain in the areas of the building you have requested for your rehearsal and ceremony only.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the church building or on the grounds.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building or on the grounds. Please do not drink alcohol prior to your service. If you or members of your party appear inebriated, your ceremony will be canceled.
  • All rooms must be left neat and orderly. Delegate people to monitor personal items during the ceremony and to pick up all items left after the ceremony in ALL the areas used.
  • Any tape or devices used for decorating are only allowed if they will not damage furniture or strip paint.
  • Throwing confetti and releasing balloons is not allowed. All items used must be environmentally friendly. Bubbles are allowed (outside the building), as are the release of doves, butterflies and flower petals.
  • In respect of members and visitors with allergies, animals are not allowed in the church building.

Download a printable copy of this policy, a list of charges, and a Wedding Application