Stewardship and Special Offerings

  • Within the United Church of Christ, we are a “5 for 5” congregation supporting UCC over and above the local budget special offerings.  These are:
    • One Great Hour of Sharing (disaster relief) received on Palm Sunday 
    • Strengthen the Church (new start and revitalizing congregations) received on Pentecost Sunday
    • Neighbors in Need (community support for new and existing initiatives) received on World Wide Communion Sunday
    • Veterans of the Cross/Christmas (for retired clergy and mission staff on fixed pensions) received Fourth Sunday of Advent
    • Our Church’s Wider Mission (the overarching gifts to the national UCC, regional Conferences, and Global Mission Partners) received year round
  • Financial and In-kind donations received for local community needs.
  • Biblical tithes (10% of income), gifts, and pledges may be received by cash, check, PayPal, direct payment from your checking account and credit card payments.
  • Stock reception can be set up through the Business Manager, along with other forms of investments and/or donations.